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Terms & Conditions

To use our platform there are some simple terms and conditions.

* There are no refunds: We offer free trials for time to time and always if requested, so there is plenty of time for one to test our platform before purchasing.

* No porn or illegal material allowed: This one is self explanatory. Sites found on our platform with such material will be deleted and the user banned.

* Unlimited means unmetered. We do not set limits on sites. But we do request that you keep our servers clear of storage of videos, audio, and images. Videos, please use Youtube, Vimeo, Rumble, or other video optimized platforms and then link/embed the video into your Baptist.Cloud site. Audio, please use Podcasting services or a bucket storage solution such as S3, digital ocean spaces, or some other storage provider to store your audio and link it to your Baptist.Cloud site. Images, while we do allow for using images in your site from your WordPress media library, if you have large amounts of images for gallery or storage use, we ask that you use a service such as a bucket storage service or other image storing and link them into your site. Essential images used in the design of your pages are perfectly acceptable. We do however encourage you to use a image optimization plugin for you own performance sake. Clients found to be storing media in violation of this request will be asked to remedy the violations. 

Baptist.Cloud reserves the right to suspend or ban any account, without refund, that is not abiding by our terms and conditions.

We don't have many T&C's and we want our clients to be free to create and build their business and services.



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